Elevating Your Organization's and Students' Credibility and Competency

XertiNet empowers organizations to confer student digital credentials that are immutable, instantly verifiable in a decentralized manner, and provide complete traceability for the issuing organization, student, and verifier. These secure digital processes enhance efficiency for all stakeholders involved in the digital issuance and verification chain, reducing both time and cost required for verification.

Elevate Your Brand

Promote and market your organization, student achievements, program offerings, and successes.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Effortlessly create, manage, and verify credentials securely and at scale with user-friendly tools.

Fraud Protection

Rely on our tamper-proof blockchain solution to safeguard and secure your brand

Enhance Credibility

Achieve trustworthiness with transparent and immutable digital credentials, ensuring complete traceability.

Robust and Flexible Blockchain

XertiNet is developing a robust and flexible blockchain platform that can be used to build various types of applications and smart contracts. It is a popular choice for developers looking to create applications and smart contracts on Ethereum

XERT Chain

XERT Chain is a peer-to-peer network that enables anyone to store and access data on the internet. Integrated solutions ensure that Certificates are stored and accessed reliably and continuously

PReal-Time Trend Insights

Access real-time analytics for your credentialing and verification data.

Enhanced Profitability

Smart digital credentials open up new revenue streams and boost lead generation.

Professionals & Students

Turn Your Achievements Into Opportunities.

Secure your awards and certificates on the blockchain.
Accrue, optimize, and leverage your lifelong achievements effectively.
Share your accomplishments with anyone, anytime and get verified instantly.
Land your dream job and seize opportunities much faster than others.

Recruiters, Companies, and Agencies

Be known for better credentials

Connect your people

Effortlessly and instantly verify qualifications and confidently recruit the most suitable candidates for your needs with ease

Easily verify

Effortlessly verify the achievements, experiences, and skills of candidates with ease and simplicity.

Reduce the costs

By minimizing the expenses and mitigating the repercussions associated with the hiring of unsuitable candidates, substantial savings are achieved

Increase company productivity.

Give learners their official transcript in a blockchain-secured digital format they can share and have verified anywhere