Digital Credentials System.

A new generation of digital credentials offers transformative convenience and security for all stakeholders through the use of blockchain-based verification.

What is a blockchain digital credential?

A blockchain digital credential is a secure URL link that provides access to an unalterable and instantly verifiable certificate. Students can easily share this link, and employers or third parties can verify the certificate with a single click, requiring no specific technical expertise. Its authenticity is inherently ensured.

The Benefits

Blockchains provide a novel public infrastructure for credential verification that surpasses traditional reliance on a single authority in terms of durability, security, and convenience. Here are a few compelling reasons to embrace this technology.

Simple Dashboard

Streamline the management of all your credentials within one centralized, secure platform. Worried about privacy? With Xertinet, rest assured that our system adheres to the highest standards of privacy and data control.

Template Designer

XertiNet is fully customizable. Easily import or design branded templates for any official documents: diplomas, degrees, certificates, transcripts, professional experiences, certified reports, and more. Additionally, you can trade design templates within the XertiNet ecosystem.

Credential Issuance

Effortlessly integrate with your existing database records and automate bulk issuance for recipients, document types, and departments across your organization.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor credentialing trends and track the utilization, verification, and key metrics of your certified credentials, including user demographics and click-through traffic to your website.

An Intelligent Approach to Streamline the Design, Distribution, and Management of Your Certificates

Designed to assist organizations like yours in the seamless creation, issuance, and management of branded academic and professional credentials, with enhanced ease and efficiency.


Recognize Achievements with Personalized Digital Diplomas that Students Can Conveniently Store on Their Phones and Share Online. This Enhances Program Visibility and Simplifies Future Application Processes. These Diplomas Can Also Be Enhanced with Metadata of Your Selection and Are Fully Machine-Readable


Provide Learners with Their Official Transcript in a Blockchain-Secured Digital Format, Allowing for Easy Sharing and Verification from Anywhere. These Data-Rich Records Prove Invaluable When Transitioning Between Educational Institutions, Pursuing Further Education, and Applying for Employment Opportunities.


Issue Examination Results in a Digital Format that Is Both Human-Readable and Machine-Readable. The XertiNet Wallet App, Available for Free, Simplifies the Receipt, Storage, and Sharing of Exam Records Whenever Necessary.


Micro-credentials serve as a valuable means to acknowledge specific skills and motivate further accomplishments. They can cumulate to unlock more comprehensive credentials, such as certifications or degrees, all of which play a vital role in a comprehensive credentialing strategy.

Empower Your Student

Issue official credentials in a digital format that students can easily share and verify from anywhere. This includes diplomas, degrees, transcripts, and official letters, all of which contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement.

Shareable, verifiable credentials

Enable recipients to confidently share their digital certificates & badges, prove their qualifications and potential employers to validate their credentials instantly. 
A shareable digital credential

XertiNet digital credentials can be easily shared in various formats, including social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email. They seamlessly integrate into your students' LinkedIn profiles, enhancing visibility and creating more opportunities.

Email Campaigns

XertiNet provides you with a complimentary email tool for delivering digital credentials to your students. Enhance the impact of your communication by utilizing your institutional email addresses within the platform and customizing both the email design and content

Unlock Process Automation with a Robust API

The XertiNet solution provides access to its features through a secure and well-documented REST API, with no usage limits or extra charges. Leveraging this API empowers you to automate your paperless processes end-to-end, seamlessly integrating with your information system and familiar tools

Stay ahead of trends and usages with analytics

You can activate analytical and statistical tracking tools to monitor the use of the solution and of your digital credentials.